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Bomb AF

Want to try our signature Bomb AF Bath Bombs in one set? Look no further.

Choose from the set of three or the After Moon and Rosey B duo.

• Vagina friendly
• Organic
• Vegan
• Non-toxic / Non-GMO / Paraben Free
• No dyes or alcohol based perfumes


Pick your experience above. Details on the experiences below.

After Moon: Gentle post-period cleanse, great for menopause, acne fighting formula, reduce eczema and psoriasis rashes, soothes symptoms of lupus, soothe and nourish the skin, moisturizing treatment for hair

Rosey BSoothe and nourish the skin, moisturizing treatment for hair, evens skin tone, can reduce and soothe rashes associated with skin ailments. If used consistently over time this blend reduces the look of again and fades scares.

Mom & Baby Bath: Bathe mom & baby or just mom or just baby, up to you! Also, great for soothing pregnant humans.