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The After Moon bath bomb blend is pure magic. This organic tea tree oil blend is a gentle, after period cleanse for the body packed with clarifying oils for the skin. A clear skin dream for treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, lupus, dry skin, and many more skin ailments. Get ready for the glow up.

A Bomb AF bath time experience

Bomb AF is a twist on the traditional bath bomb … Handcrafted with only the best; organic, vegan, non-GMO, paraben free, no dyes or perfumes, and cruelty free.

Bomb AF is more than great ingredients. This blend is designed to nourish the body.  A long lasting hydration for smooth, touchable, even skin. A gentle, balancing, cleanse and an oil blend that encourages vaginal wetness.

Key ingredients

Baking Soda: Kosher certified, vegan, Non-GMO, cruelty-free baking soda to cleanse, detox and smooth the skin while balancing pH.

Citric Acid: 100% pure anhydrous citric acid from sugar cane, Non-GMO citric acid to promote new skin growth and even skin tone.

Epsom Salt: All natural, vegan, Non-GMO epsom salt to relax the body while removing toxins and soothing tight muscles.

Himalayan Pink Salt: All natural, Certified Kosher, vegan, Non-GMO Himalayan Pink Salt for the body to soak in through the skin, detoxing the body, soothing muscles, and balancing pH.

Sweet Almond Oil: USDA Organic, unrefined sweet almond oil to nourish the skin, even skin tone, reduce scarring, and encourage natural vaginal wetness.

Coconut Oil: USDA Organic, unrefined, Non-GMO coconut oil to hydrate and provide anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Tea Tree Oil: USDA Organic, safe for internal use tea tree oil for all the skin magic - clearing acne, reducing the look of aging, fine lines, scars, a gentle detox for the skin and treatment for skin related ailments. Also, a gentle vaginal cleanse, reduces vaginal yeast, odor, and help maintain a balanced pH.

Lavender Oil & Flowers: USDA Organic, safe for internal use essential oil and organic flower petals for anti-inflammatory and skin smoothing

Chamomile Flowers: Organic chamomile flowers for anti-inflammatory and calming experience for the whole body.

Plus, USDA Organic Rose & Spearmint oil blend...

Why bomb af?

vagina friendly

Bomb AF is made of internally safe, organic oils. Tea tree and lavender , for example, are have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. properties. Soaking in the tub creates a gentle vagina cleanse to balance pH and encourage natural vaginal wetness.

non-toxic af

Organic •  Vegan • Non-GMO • Paraben Free • Cruelty Free • No Perfumes or Dyes • USDA Organic & Safe for Internal Use Oils


Bomb AF comes in a cotton bag that let's you customize the amount of formula used in the bath tub, This cotton bag keeps all the ingredients securely in the bag ready to be tossed at the end of your bath. Bonus: the bag can be reused.

the bag is better

Beyond the non-toxic, organic, Non-GMO, cruelty-free, paraben free, vagina-friendly-and-natural-wetness-encouraging, skin nourishing ingredients. Bomb AF bath bombs come in an organic cotton bag - the bag is better!

Customize how much bomb formula you want in your bath. Want more? Drop the entire bag in the tub. Want less? Save some for later.

A mess-free bath experience. Nothing kills your after-bath relaxed buzz like having to scrub rose petals off of the tub. With the BombBag, the petals are securely in the bag ready to be tossed at the end of your bath.

Eco-Friendly. Bomb AF comes in recyclable packaging and the Bomb AF bag is reusable.  

Customer REviews

By far the best pre workout I’ve ever tried! I’ve had my fair share of cellucor and new and upcoming brands that just didn’t cut it for me. EVL’s ENGN gives you that pump and energy without making you feel like you could itch your skin off with all the beta alanine some of these companies use. I’ve never been unhappy with an EVL product. Definitely worth the try for anyone!!

Nancy Green

Engn gives clean energy for hard workouts. There is not a hard crash afterwards, and it does not seem to cause tolerance issues. The flavors are very good and there is no aftertaste. I have been very impressed with Evlution Nutrition's products!


I have been buying ENGN for a couple years now because it's CLEAN and WORKS. The scoop sizes arent large meaning there aren't fillers in it, while there's enough caffeine, beta alanine, and creatine to give you a great workout. On top of that it tastes good. This is everything you need from a preworkout. I haven't found a better preworkout since.


us non-toxic folks gotta stick together