Steps to Sign Up for Bomb Affiliates


Sign up for Bomb Affiliates

Every step must be completed in order to participate

(1) Register and set up your Bomb Affiliate portal in it's entirety.
  • In the Bomb Affilliate portal you can:
    • Create your personalized product links.Your customers must purchase with this link - this is how you get paid.
    • Get assets to use in promotion in the Creatives section.
    • Set up how you receive payment. Payments are done through PayPal unless another method is approved in advance.
    • Check your sales numbers for the month. 

(2) Review this month's Bomb Affiliates Program Details

(3) Sign the Bomb Affiliate contract

(4) Review the Bomb Affiliates Branding Guidelines

All steps need to be completed in order to participate in the Bomb Affiliate program. Have a question, let me know at