Bomb Affiliates Branding Guidelines

When it comes time to promote jD Bath Co. products on your sites, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Customers must use the custom link provided to purchase for you to get credit for the sale. We track who is selling what by your personal link in the Affiliate Portal

You can create your own assets to share on social, etc.

Assets ready for you to share are located in the Creatives section of the Affiliate Portal.

When representing the brand, do not make claims that haven't been made on the jD Bath Co website, social or provided assets. For example, do not advertise the bath bombs as 'all-natural' - nowhere in the branding does it say this. I am very careful that all of the claims made about the products and ingredients are true, follow how I advertise the products efficacy. Each product on the website has a full ingredients listing, feel free to highlight that information.


Looking for information or want more assets to share?! Let me know