2oz After Moon Bath Soak - jD Bath Co
2oz After Moon Bath Soak - jD Bath Co
2oz After Moon Bath Soak - jD Bath Co
2oz After Moon Bath Soak - jD Bath Co

2oz After Moon Bath Soak

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2oz After Moon

This organic tea tree oil blend is our signature post-period cleanse packed with skin clarifying oils. Read all about it.

Uses: Gentle post-period cleanse, great for menopause, acne fighting formula, reduce eczema and psoriasis rashes, soothes symptoms of lupus, soothe and nourish the skin, moisturizing treatment for hair

Bomb AF Bath Bombs are vagina friendly and are made with oil said to encourage natural vaginal wetness

• Vagina friendly
• Organic
• Vegan
• Non-toxic / Non-GMO / Paraben Free
• No dyes or alcohol based perfumes


Key Ingredients

Baking Soda: To cleanse, detox and smooth the skin while balancing pH.

Citric Acid: To promote new skin growth and even skin tone.

Epsom Salt: To relax the body while removing toxins and soothing tight muscles.

Himalayan Pink Salt: For the body to soak in through the skin, detoxing the body, soothing muscles, and balancing pH.

Sweet Almond Oil: Said to encourage product of natural vaginal wetness, nourishes the skin, evens skin tone, and reduces scarring.

Coconut Oil: To hydrate and provide anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Tea Tree Oil: USDA Organic, safe for internal use tea tree oil for all the skin magic - clearing acne, reducing the look of aging, fine lines, scars, a gentle detox for the skin and treatment for skin related ailments. Also, a gentle vaginal cleanse, reduces vaginal yeast, odor, and help maintain a balanced pH.

Lavender Oil & Flowers: USDA Organic, safe for internal use essential oil and organic flower petals for anti-inflammatory and skin smoothing properties.

Chamomile Flowers: Organic chamomile flowers for anti-inflammatory and calming nourishment for the whole body.

Plus, USDA Organic Rose & Spearmint oil blend...

Bomb AF Organic Bath Bomb | 2oz Cotton Bag 

Full list of ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), Himalayan Pink Salt, USDA Organic sweet almond oil, USDA Organic coconut oil, USDA Organic (safe for internal use) essential oils: lavender, tea tree, evening primrose, rosehip, geranium, spearmint, and organic lavender and chamomile flower petals.

How to Use

1. Remove Bomb AF Organic Bath Bomb from the plastic bag it arrived in and drop the whole thing (cotton bag and all) into the tub.

2. Relax, rejuvenate, take deep breaths, show gratitude to the universe for all you've been blessed with - enjoy your bath.

3. Post your bath selfie and tag @jdbathco #BombAFTubClub





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