What's Trending in Skincare 🧪🥼

There seems to always be a new trending skincare buzz word and product campaign to keep up with. Which are worth keeping up with? Let's talk about a few of the hot and trendy things in circulation now. 

"Healing Your Skin Barrier"

Simply, your skin barrier is the outer layer of skin that protects your body.

According to Dermatologist AJ Kanwar, "The importance of skin barrier cannot be overemphasized. The skin barrier is important to human life. Physically, it protects from external threats such as infectious agents, chemicals, systemic toxicity and allergens. Internally, the skin helps to maintain homeostasis and protects from enhanced loss of water from the body."

So, why all the fuss about healing your skin barrier and how do you know if your skin barrier is damaged?

A few signs that your skin barrier might be damaged:

  • Chronic inflammation or irritation of the skin
  • Excessive redness
  • Itchy skin
  • Hyperpigmentation 

The best way to heal your skin barrier is to not damage it in the first place. The focus on your skin barrier is trending because of the emphasis on over-cleansing, using harsh skincare products, and stripping away the natural oils from the skin.

How do you protect your skin barrier:

  • Make sure not to over-cleanse your skin 
  • Keep your skin hydrated 
  • SPF, SPF, SPF, and don't forget to reapply 
  • Use product free from filler ingredients like dyes and fragrance 


What's All the Buzz About Tretinoin?

Tretinoin broke onto the scene in different forms with many claims - acne treatments, skin lightening, anti-aging, and healing sun damaged skin to name a few. 

Little known fact, rosehip oil contains tretinoin. Rosehip oil is a natural retinol. Rosehip oil contains retinoic acid – that is a vitamin A your skin recognizes without having to convert it – this natural retinol juice rosehip oil has is 100% destined to help anti-age, anti-acne your skin.

Here at jDBC, we swear by the benefits of rosehip oil. Before you run out and buy a new serum, you may already be using this powerhouse ingredient in your fave jDBC products!