What is a jDot Acne Patch?

What is an acne or pimple patch?

Simply, they are hydrocolloid (hydro-coal-oid) patches cut into shapes designed to cover a pimple and capture moisture from the impacted area to accelerate healing.

"A hydrocolloid dressing is an opaque or transparent dressing for wounds. A hydrocolloid dressing is biodegradable, breathable, and adheres to the skin, so no separate taping is needed."

This material started out as a way to encourage the healing process in wounds until it rose to popularity as a zit remedy. I've seen an advantage using these for pimples that are on the verge of popping and already popped blemishes. 

I think of them as little saunas for your pimples.They use your bodies natural oils and heat to get all of the puss out of the top of an active pimple. Dermatologists recommend using the pimple patches on already expressed or popped pimples. However, I've had great luck in putting jDots on surface level acne that I want to run it's course faster. Bonus point, the jDot often takes the white head with it during removal and reduces healing time. 

jDots are a chemical free acne remedy that can also be paired with your favorite cleanser or serum. 

But, how effective are the jDots?

It really depends on what kind of acne you are looking to treat. They can be very effective on acne above the surface of your skin that has or is close to popping. They also provide another important benefit - keeping you from picking at breakouts! 

For hormonal acne, I use these in coordination with a skincare routine. The jDot prevents further irritation and locks in my chosen treatment serum. 

 How to Use jDots

jDots are designed to spot treat a single pimple. There are 3 sizes available per sheet, choose the size that best fits the pimple being covered. jDots are great for sensitive and combination skin because they target the impacted area alone while leaving the remaining skin protected from irritation.

Apply the jDot to clean skin. You can even add a bit of your favorite acne serum, keep in mind that the sticker needs to stick so skin needs to be clean and dry.