The Bath Bomb Reimagined

It all started with an OBGYN saying: baths aren’t for you

I spent over a year of my life with 2 or more yeast infections a month, the infections had become chronic and it seemed like no matter what I did I couldn’t stop them. I had seen OBGYN after OBGYN after OBGYN (4 in total) and no one was helping me solve the infections. None of the doctors seemed invested in helping me, I got a lot of speeches about cleanliness and more speeches about learning to live with it — something was wrong and no one was listening to me.

Being Bomb AF

Enough about me, let’s talk about this product born of my passion for vaginal health. Bomb AF Vagina Friendly Bath Bombs were designed under the guidance of a doula, a person specializing in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn babies. Because of the work doulas do they are intimately knowledgable about vaginas and the gentle care required to maintain vaginal health.

Bomb AF Lux

I’m not the bath bomb you’re used to.

How to Use Bomb AF Lux

Step 1 Pour the bag of Bomb AF formula into the glass jar with scoop.