Treat Yo'Self to a Spa at Home

Most of us cannot afford to spend as many trips to the spa as we need (and, mama we need those trips to unwind from the day-to-day stresses around here *hair flip*).

The good news is that you can bring the spa home to your tub without matching Beyonce’s budget.

Drum roll please...

Allow me to introduce you to the layered bath experience, that is what I call it when I tailor my home bath into a spa experience. In this article, I am going to tell you how to make your at-the-house bath experience an all out spa vibe on a tight budget. 

Housekeeping Items

Now, before you dive into the tub, let’s talk about how to set-up your bath to ensure that you have a good time (because I really want you to have a fabulous time).

Clean your tub. It’s an obvious tip, but it is worth mentioning. Make sure the tub is clean. Even if you scrubbed it down recently, give it a wipe down with some soap and rinse the tub well. Remember your skin and sensitive bits are going to be soaking in whatever is in that water with you; it’s worth the extra effort to keep it clean.

Be wise about the temperature of the bath water. Your muscles might crave a scorching temperature. Just keep in mind that the other parts in the tub would appreciate something moderately warm; you have sensitive parts and skin that can have a less than ideal reaction to scorching hot water. 

Set the Mood Right

Pick your playlist and pick it wisely. The vibe in the tub needs to match your mood. HER is my current favorite playlist for the tub. It is a balanced blend of smooth and upbeat sounds. 

Start with a great product. I am, admittedly, completely bias since I am the founder of an organic bath company ( I started jD Bath Co. because I wanted (read: needed) a bath product that was clean enough to nourish my skin and not leave me with irritation or the beginnings of an infection after the bath. My go to bath bomb is the Relax, bb organic bath bomb - this is a lavender and spearmint blend, equal parts relaxation and invigoration. This aromatic blend brings a refreshing vibe to your bath tub experience. As with all Bomb AF Organic Bath Bombs, this product is organic, vegan, non-toxic, Non-GMO, paraben free, perfume free, dye free,, cruelty-free, and vagina friendly (because duh!).

Here Comes the Layered Bath Part

Depending on how I am feeling and how my skin is feeling I add different things to my bath to cater the experience to my body's needs. A layered bath experience, if you will.

Let's talk about what you can add to the bath and what to look out for to make sure the layers in your bath are okay for all your parts in the bath.

My favorite essential oil to add to my bath is organic tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is magical. If you're like me with sensitive skin tea tree oil helps with a whole host of skin issues - eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry/itchy skin or rashes (I have/get all of the above).

The thing to look out for with essential oils is that they are organic, non-toxic, and safe for internal use. You do not want to use just any oil in the bath. Remember that your skin is soaking in whatever is in the tub, and so are your sensitive bits - you only want things that won't irritate your most sensitive parts. 

Bomb AF already comes loaded with an epsom and Himalayan Pink Salt blend - this salt blend is all about soothing, smoothing, detoxing, and treating the body. You can add more salt should you so desire. Put the salt in while the water is running so it has time to dissolve into the water.

I'm sure you've seen the beautiful bath tub pictures with flowers and fruit in the tub and it looks absolutely delectable. Before you turn your bath tub into a fruit salad, give some critical thought to the quality of what you are putting in the tub with you. Keep in mind that your body is soaking in whatever is in the tub; flowers treated with pesticides, for example. That is not what you want soaking into your skin.

Another word to the wise, lemon slices are a common bath additive for their detox properties. Be mindful that the acidic properties in lemon can also be harsh on the skin and painful on any cuts when dip into the tub. 

Another common bath additive is apple cider vinegar. Please be careful using this. Vinegar strips the skin of its natural moisture and can be a drying and harsh experience for the skin and other sensitive parts. If the vinegar is not diluted enough it can quite literally burn you. 

I hear a lot about treating vaginal infection with apple cider vinegar. Full disclosure, I'm not a doctor. My-not-a-doctor- suggestion is that if you have an infection already treat it with medicine from your doctor. If you are trying to treat vaginal odor or cleanse post period try a gentler cleanse - there is a bath bomb for that. After Moon Organic Bath Bomb is designed to help you get right post-menstruation  

After Your Bath 

To keep my glow up, I oil up post-bath. One of my favorite topical oils is grapeseed oil, this oil is nourishing for the skin, absorbs quickly, and won't clog pores. Let the oil dry as long as possible before toweling off and getting dressed.

I hope my years of building #BombAF bath expertise helps you have a spa-like experience in your tub at home. 

xo. jaz